Santander : Reach Change
The Real Change Campaign was established in alignment with Santander's commitment to Real Change and challenging traditional perceptions of banking. Santander's first step towards Real Change was the "extra 20" program, giving bank members $20 a month for simply being a member. 
The campaign challenges traditional perceptions of banking advertising, creating a personal and artistic campaign with a smart and personal tone. As the bank continues to roll out revolutionary banking practices, the campaign has evolved to fit new needs.
ABOVE: Extending and evolving the Extra 20 Real Change campaign (lower images) into other areas of Santander's banking, such as Money Market Rate Savings. 
ABOVE: Continued evolution of the Real Change campaign, into areas of Santader's banking such as Small Business, PR Events, and Investment. For each, the execution was tiered to the department/event. 
BELOW: Various outlets the campaign touched and extended to. 
Santander Website / Bus Shelters / Store Front Posters / ATM Screens
Creative Director: Andy Clarke
Copywriter: Eugene Torres
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