Packaging Rebrand

The task was to bring the Doodle Roll into the main stream market through design. The innovative nature of the product lead to innovative packaging and stand out design. Utilizing the children's illustrations and creativity as the basis for the brand.

Doodle Roll : Packaging Rebrand
The Doodle Roll® is the most versatile & portable arts & crafts activity kit! This all-in-one kit contains a roll of paper and crayons in a compact package, perfect for creative fun on the go anytime, anywhere! The Doodle Roll® is available in two sizes with a safe ez tear edge. As a result of the rebrand, the product was accepted into big box retailers.
Redesigned original Doodle Roll, front and back.
Drawing Board attachment for use with any Doodle Roll
Packaging to coincide with the Doodle character Goonhilda
Packaging to coincide with the Doodle character Li'l Dweek
Packaging to coincide with the Doodle character Zoomer
Holiday and Princess Packaging
Liscensed NHL Packaging
Chosen as one of Parenting Magazine's 25 Best New Toys of 2012 (post - rebrand)
Before (2011) & After (2012) the rebrand
Video of product in use. Create pre-rebrand by another designer.
Owned by Doodle Roll®

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