Always Fresh Campaign
Nothing brings more freshness and flair from Mexico to your table than a dish made with Avocados from Mexico. Many times, even the biggest avocado fan still need help making avocados the star of their dish. Through a print campaign, we showcase amazing dishes using avocados in snacks, meals, salads, and desserts. 
Print Campaign (above)
Snack Pack (above)
Many consumers have a hard time thinking of avocados as an easy go-to snack. Whether its not top of mind, or they don't know how to round the fruit out into a snack, carrots and hummus take the cake in this category. Why? One reason is because they are so easily available on grocer shelves. Therefore, we'll bring the snacks to customers! Half of an avocado is wrapped and sealed with a flavor adder in the fresh snack section of grocery stores. Avo + Lime, Avo + Salsa, Avo + Feta, etc. Yum!
UberCinco (above)
Cinco de Mayo is guacamole's time to shine. To ensure guac fans get the freshest guacamole, Avocados from Mexico will partner with Uber to deliver fresh guac to their most fanatic fans. 
America's Test Kitch Sponsorship Video (above)
Avocados are a chef's best friend, and Avocados from Mexio partnered with America's Test Kitchen to help make them the home cook's best friend too. Pati Jinich from 'Pati's Mexican Kitchen' helps provide quick tips to home cooks to help them use avocados like a pro.
Creative Director: Mark Billows
Copywriter: Lora Faris & Danny Barry
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